Survey of VAR readership of Business Solutions Magazine cites Posiflex as Best Channel Vendor with Best Channel Product, the KS6215
Click here to see the KS6215 Terminal Posiflex earned Best Channel Vendor ranking for POS Hardware and the KS6215 earned Best Channel Product in the All-in-One POS terminal category. These awards represent our Value Added Reseller partners' collective votes of confidence in Posiflex as a POS hardware supplier and business partner.

Steven Young, CEO, commented, “We are gratified that our VAR partners have benefited from our company's commitment to product quality, reliability and value and we look forward to continual partnerships with top software solutions providers to enable businesses, organizations, and government to better serve their customers.”

Doyle Ledford, VP Channel sales added, “2009 was the 25 year anniversary of Posiflex as a designer and manufacturer of computer electronics products. Our design and manufacturing strategy has differentiated Posiflex to build a strong reputation for quality and product line breadth for POS systems and peripherals. The KS6215 is a pioneering entry level product and we are pleased by how fast it has been accepted by the market.”

Posiflex is committed to be the best hardware partner for ISV's and VAR's. Together, we provide a wholly integrated solution to our business customers.

To our channel partners, thanks for your vote of confidence in our partnership that has led to our Best Channel Vendor and Best Channel product recognition.

If you are new to Posiflex, we welcome your inquiries. Call us at (888) 918-1668.
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  “The experience from Posiflex, both from sales and product introduction to service and support has exceeded any other manufacturer we have used before.” - David Rose, 2 Touch POS   “We love the fact that you guys control all the manufacturing process of your terminals, the quality and control of part availability... there are a lot of other terminal companies that you can't count on the models to be around year to year. That's very important to our resellers.” - Andre Nataf, Digital Dining   “With every Posiflex terminal I've bought the Advance Exchange Warranty. Because I have Advance Exchange Warranty for 3 years it allows me to have peace of mind and my customers have peace of mind.” - Todd Brokenshire, POS Leaders (Dinerware reseller)  
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  “We were looking for a solid partner, we were looking for name recognition and really looking for innovation in the market. The new products that have been introduced recently by Posiflex were certainly a good opportunity to stand up with our new introductory products.” - Kory Kirschman, First Data   “We did an advertisement in Business Solutions Magazine, co-branding with Posiflex marketing support... that was a very nice ad and it worked out well for us.” - Steve Pritchard, Future POS   “I would say Posiflex is one of the best manufacturers out there. They are extremely responsive to our reseller's needs, they work with us as a corporation and it's been a wonderful partnership.” - Mike Hamm, Focus POS  
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  “[The KS6215] It’s a great unit and it allows me to put on less staff to run service calls, which is great so we can pay more attention to selling more units, other than repairing them.” - Gene Fehr, Owner and President of Fehr Point Solutions   “Posiflex actually designed, per our specifications exactly. The unit that is being successfully installed all over the world.” - Jim Gillis, Posera   “The relationship has been good, we couldn't be happier. It fits in well with our mode of operation and we look forward to doing more business with Posiflex.” - Les Kolls, Sabretooth Technologies