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Multifunctional Base with PoweredUSB Option - GEN-8


The GEN-8 Multifunctional Base provides the option for PoweredUSB, which helps eliminate clutter. Peripherals, like receipt printers can plug directly to the base to free up an outlet and lessen the dangling cables. Plus, the base houses the powerbrick, so there is no exposed brick lying around.

The GEN-8 Base is available on the XT Series terminals.

For More Information

  • Eliminates multiple exposed power bricks
    - Terminal’s power brick is hidden within base
  • Minimizes tripping hazard
  • Minimizes number of AC power connections
  • Better cable management
    - Peripherals get power directly from base
  • Speeds installation
  • Reduces possible points of failure

Hospitality and Retail POS stations, which require many more peripherals, all suffer from too many cables and power connections for the install. Cable management is expensive, taking at least 20 minutes per station to tie them down. This added installation time adds labor cost and under utilizes the highly skilled installation team.

Terminals go where they are needed, and that typically means where there is no, or limited, AC power. Everything needs power, and with every power cord, comes a cumbersome power brick. So, not only is every device competing for a power plug, but they also have a power brick that must be secured and placed out of sight. The more wires underfoot, especially with the power brick, the more likely someone can trip or pull a plug out of the AC power socket, or out of the terminal.

The PoweredUSB is now available as an option on all XT series models.