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Posiflex Technology, Inc. Company Video

An introspective look into Posiflex USA's parent company, Posiflex Technology, Inc.

TK Series Self-Service Kiosks

Ready-made kiosks for multiple vertical markets

MT Series Mobile Tablet

Product features of hybrid tablet that transforms to an all-in-one POS

HS3510 All-in-One Compact POS

Product features of the small all-in-one POS with modular components

Posiflex XT Series -- Seasons

Touch Screen POS Terminals: Maximum Uptime

Posiflex HS Series -- A Perfect Fit

Small All-in-One POS: Fits in Any Retail Environment

Posiflex MT Series -- Miniaturize

Hybrid Fixed and Mobile POS: Sometimes, Smaller Is Better

Posiflex XT Series -- A Perfect Fit

Touch Screen POS Terminals: Fits in Any Retail Environment

Posiflex HS Series -- Miniaturize

Small All-in-One POS: Sometimes, Smaller Is Better

Posiflex TX Series -- Miniaturize

Compact Mini-PC: Sometimes, Smaller Is Better

Product Demonstrations

Everyone claims reliability and durability in their touchscreen terminals. Posiflex proves it with these demonstrations of extreme shock, moisture and heat.

While Posiflex takes pride in designing and delivering products that stand up to the harshest of environments, Posiflex terminals are not fire proof, water proof or shock proof. Not all systems provide the same level of debris and spill resistance. Only Posiflex models KS7215, KS7217, KS7515, XT3215, XT3815 and XT3915 (call for most current models) are spill and dust resistant. Posiflex makes no such claims for any other terminals or systems in the product line. Use deemed to be excessive, abusive or improper will void the warranty.

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Flame Broiled Reliability

A burger and some extra ketchup for your terminal? Yes, please! A theatrical demonstration of Posiflex durability in action!

Brewed for Durability

Rugged enough to survive fires, floods, and rabid sports fans. A theatrical demonstration of Posiflex durability in action!

Super-Sized Spills

Soda and ice are no match for Posiflex. A theatrical demonstration of Posiflex durability in action!

Fire Survivor

Posiflex terminal survives restaurant fire! Watch actual footage of the blazing fire and see the damage up close -- the terminal still works!

Seeding Success

Posiflex terminals bloom with quality -- a demonstration of shock resistance, environmentally hardened design, water resistance, and maximum uptime for your growing business.

Perfect Storm

Everyone claims reliability and durability in their touch screen terminals. Posiflex proves it with a live durability demonstration of water running on both the terminal and printer.

Perfect Strike

Posiflex redefines POS durability when a robust Posiflex terminal faces a bowling ball slamming into it head-on, shearing the head from the base and undeniably continues to operate.

Maximum Uptime

Store environmental hazards like dirt, dust and liquids don’t faze Posiflex touch screen terminals. Posiflex terminals are built tough for maximum uptime to empower your business operation.

Cola Challenge

Careless liquid spills over a POS touch screen can happen any time. The Posiflex touch screen, magnetic stripe reader and fingerprint reader still perform after being saturated with soda.

Fire & Rain

Witness how Posiflex lights a touch screen terminal on fire and then hits it with a high pressure hose as the ultimate demonstration test of maximum uptime.

Posiflex Values

Not All Terminal Brands Are Created Equal

Acquisition price is important, but quality and reliability must be factored in selecting business critical equipment. Discussed are Posiflex core quality values and technical advantages which deliver reliability and maximum uptime.

Posiflex Principals - Reliability and Quality

The goal of Posiflex is not how to reduce cost, but increase customer satisfaction by delivering the best quality product for a reasonable investment. Want to quantify quality? Challenge other vendors what their Mean Time Between Failure rate and them come to Posiflex.

Reliability and Heat Dissipation

Maximizing uptime means minimizing heat. See how Posiflex addresses heat issues from its patented designs from motherboard, to IC temperature regulation, to an aluminum magnesium housing. Low price does not translate into longevity... learn why.

Total Cost of Ownership

Buying the cheapest POS terminal does not mean it is the least expensive. See how Posiiflex views value over the long haul as by sacrificing quality you can pay every day.