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Posiflex Ready-Made Kiosks

Vibrant Touch Screen Kiosks for Self Service

A store or restaurant operator can expect almost immediate returns when investing in a kiosk solution. Allowing customers to order via a self-service kiosk optimizes customer traffic, reduces waiting times, minimizes ordering errors and increases staff productivity – all which leads to a higher – and quicker – return on investment.

With ready-made kiosks like Posiflex’s Stellar and Paragon Series, you can quickly get up-and-running with a self service solution in a matter of weeks -- not months, eliminating the lengthy time to plan and build a customized kiosk, as well as significantly reducing the costs involved in customization.

Learn more on the Stellar and Paragon Ready-Made Kiosks:

Stellar Series

Stellar Kiosk
The Stellar Series of kiosks features an all-in-one PC and a projected capacitive 21.5" touch screen display with a minimalist bezel. Available as a free-standing pedestal or a countertop model

Paragon Series

Paragon Kiosk
The Paragon Series of kiosks features an all-in-one PC and a large, vibrant 32" projected capacitive touch screen. Available variations: free-standing, wall-mount, dual-sided
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